Our Swing Cab Crane training is designed to prepare you for the written exam portion of your Swing Cab Crane Certification Exam. Before you can take this specialty exam, you’ll need to have successfully completed your Mobile Crane Operator Core Certification. Full mobile operator certification consists of two parts: The core exam and at least one specialty exam. In addition to a certification in swing cab crane operation, you may also be interested in other crane specialties, including lattice boom crane or fixed cab crane operation.

Our training for the written exam portion of your Swing Cab Crane Certification aims to fully prepare you for the test, whether you’re an industry veteran or just entering the field. Unlike a stationary fixed cab crane, a swing cab crane allows for 360 degrees of movement, giving the operator unrestricted visibility through a swiveling cab. In addition to covering material that’s specific to the exam, our training also includes test-taking strategies and a comprehensive practice exam to help prepare you for success.


  • Operator responsibilities
  • How to read and use swing cab load charts
  • The safest, most effective techniques for operating a swing cab crane
  • Use of swing cab operator aids
  • Wire rope use for swing cab cranes
  • Machine maintenance
  • A complete practice exam and answer review session
  • Tips for taking standardized tests

Specialty exams each consist of 26 multiple-choice questions, and candidates are given 60 minutes to complete their written exam.

In addition to successfully completing your written exam, you’ll also need to take your practical exam. Your written and practical exams can be taken in any order, but they’ll need to be completed within 12 months of each other. Once you pass both exams and achieve your certification, your certification is valid for five years.