At Train for the Crane, students will find the tools and information necessary to get ahead in high-demand industries. Our written test preparation meets NCCCO crane operator certification requirements, letting you start a great career without tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt!

Start with our Mobile Crane Core Exam and then move on to our training programs for Fixed-Cab (Truck Crane), Swing-Cab (Articulating) or Lattice Boom Crawler & Truck Cranes.

You’ll also find Rigging Certification services and advanced coursework for Mobile Crane Inspector, Lift Director and Signalperson certification exams and more.

Click below to see how we can get your career off the ground. As always, new students are welcome to contact Train for the Crane at any time!

Do you need group training? If you work in safety management and lift operations, we offer access to our Certified Lift Director as a consultant for lifts. We can even travel to your site to help you meet various state/city regulations for lifts!

If you need training for your employees, reach out today and we’ll work with your team on a customized program to meet your workforce requirements. Train for the Crane offers Crane Operator training programs and test preparation for riggers, signal persons, inspectors, crane operators and other roles.

Mobile Crane Core Exam

This exam tests your general knowledge of cranes and is a prerequisite set by national organizations. You must first pass this test in order to achieve certification in any specialty exams.

Fixed Cab

Crane training for fixed cab cranes and/or truck cranes. Before you can take this mobile crane specialty test, you must first pass the Mobile Crane Core Exam.

Swing Cab

Crane operator training for swing cab cranes, also known as articulating and telescopic boom cranes. Before you can take this mobile crane specialty test, you must first pass the Mobile Core Exam.


Our crane signalperson training is designed to prepare you for the written exam portion of your NCCCO Signalperson Certification Exam.


Certified inspector training, including Mobile Crane Inspector and other inspector certifications. Five years of crane-related experience required.