NCCCO Written Exams – Why We suggest Computer-Based Testing

After you’ve been properly trained and prepared for NCCCO written exams you will have two choices for taking your written exam. Paper, pencil, and Scantron bubbles are all the most familiar tools for taking an exam, but you also have the option to take the exam in front of a computer at a certified testing center. This is called computer-based testing, or CBT. Read on as we make our case for CBT for all NCCCO written exams.

CBT vs. Written Exam Results

The primary goal of taking this test is to pass and become an NCCCO card-carrying member in your trade. The most important element of passing these exams is to make sure that you’re informed on the NCCCO information before you even sit down to take the test. We make sure that anyone that goes through our training sessions is fully prepared with all the knowledge needed to pass the exam. There’s not enough data about CBT vs taking written exams to make a claim that one is better than the other for getting passing results. We can tell you that our trainees are more successful in taking the CBT test over the written. There are a couple of reasons for this.

With CBT Exams There’s More Time To Study For Your NCCCO Exam

Most of our competitors offer to test on-site, at the end of the training session. After having so much information thrown at you over the course of a week it becomes harder to retain all of the necessary pieces to pass the exam. For this reason alone, CBT is the route to go. Our team typically schedules trainees for CBT tests, at certified testing sites, within two weeks of their training session. This gives trainees up to two weeks to continue familiarizing themselves with the materials. This commitment to studying materials is something we’ve touched on before, and studying is the number one way to get yourself a passing score.

Written Exam Spaces Cause Anxiety

Almost all of our trainees feel anxiety about their upcoming tests. Test anxiety is a real thing, impacting test-takers across the globe. Nothing amplifies this anxiety more than a proctor of an exam walking around the room to make sure that none of the test-takers are cheating in any way. Not only does the presence of a proctor over your shoulder cause anxiety, it becomes something that can get into your psyche and throw you off for your exam. The last thing a test-taker needs during their exam is more stressors — avoid the high-pressure situation by taking your NCCCO exam on the computer.

In closing, we continue to remind both potential trainees and business owners that knowing the material is as important as anything, but setting yourself up for success in other areas is just as important. Taking your NCCCO certification exam on the computer can help ensure that test-takers remain in the right frame of mind when it comes time to take their tests, leading to higher pass rates, more NCCCO certified workers, and safer lifts throughout the industry.

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