Crane Certifications — What You Should Know

Crane Certifications Are The Law of The Land Crane certifications are now required for operators if their machine has a capacity greater than 2,000 pounds. OSHA’s crane rule was hotly debated for years, but it’s been put into full effect now. Safety directors and operations managers across the country are trying to get their operators […]

NCCCO Practical Exams: What You Need to Know

Your NCCCO Practical Exam Process This information has been adapted from NCCCO Practical Exam resources. Where necessary, we default to their language about the exam. For all things NCCCO, visit them here. An example of the course that NCCCO Practical Exams are given on. No matter the crane, the tasks and course setup follow this […]

NCCCO Written Exams – Why We Suggest Computer Based Testing

NCCCO Written Exams – Why We suggest Computer-Based Testing After you’ve been properly trained and prepared for NCCCO written exams you will have two choices for taking the exam. Paper, pencil, and Scantron bubbles (who remembers drawing patterns to fill in the A, B, C and D bubbles?) are the kinds of things you associate […]

From A Crane Operator Course — NCCCO Test-Taking Tips

From A Crane Operator Course — NCCCO Test-Taking Tips Once you’ve taken a crane operator course and received your certification — your career possibilities are endless. We’re here to help you get to that position by sharing our test-taking tips that come straight from our crane safety experts, who have over 30 years of combined […]

How to Create a Critical Lift Plan

How to Create a Critical Lift Plan Today we’ll get into the details of how to create a critical lift plan. OSHA defines a critical lift as any lift that (1) exceeds 75% of a crane’s rated capacity; (2) utilizes more than one crane; and (3) is lifting personnel. Some companies also have internal parameters […]

Here’s How to Get Crane Operator Certification

Certification Deadline Approaching (updated for 2019) Before we can answer the question of how to get crane operator certification, we must address a deadline that has impacted the industry. November 10, 2018 brought a new federal regulation and all crane operators in the U.S. can now only operate with a valid certification from an accredited […]